'Skyward Sword', All You Need To Know About The New Legend Of Zelda

One of the myths of Nintendo is back. And although this year seems to have spoken more than 3-D remake 'Ocarina of Time' Really is 'Skyward Sword' Who is responsible for keeping alive the flame of the saga, to innovate that has to innovate and to overcome the already distant appearance of the series to Wii, that 'Twilight Princess'.

25 years after its creation, Zelda (and Eiji Aonuma, again project leader) in 2011 should demonstrate why it is always a saga in which you can trust. Always? So far, yes. Now it's up 'Skyward Sword'.

'The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword', plot and characters of the last Zelda for Wii

'Skyward Sword' is parked temporarily before 'Ocarina of Time' with a Link raised on islands that float in the sky of Hyrule. The plot revolves around the discovery of the sword's title game and allow the player to travel (round trip, of course) to the surface of Hyrule.

As the main characters change from the rest of the series, this time will not be a princess Zelda, but a villager of Skyloft, the people of Link. How to disappear ... not to be rescued by the hero. Or not, that's depend on our skills.

What we do know is that 'Skyward Sword' as good prequel, Will see more of the mythology behind the 'Ocarina of Time' that will never cease to be a reference to the Zelda universe, including something about Ganondorf.

New game modes and more air in the Zelda and dynamic of all

As long as you begin to prepare some Zelda, many small details have been transcending how he'll play. On the one hand, Nintendo has said that he wanted a different experience, Away from the scan / enter dungeons takes to be the key to the whole saga. Furthermore, it neglects the menu items to make way for a new way to select them without so many rodeos.

Graphically, abandon the trend toward realism in 'Twilight Princess' looking for something more painterly, closer to the Cel-Shading 'Wind Waker' and, according to the developers of the game, influenced by the Impressionist painters.

In a game where the element of air has so much presence (Islands floating in the skies, remember), it is not surprising that this time only dungeons no longer issued also horizontal vertical.

With regard to our movements, 'Skyward Sword' will use Wii Motion Plus for fights with the sword with the idea of reproducing as closely as our movements with the remote. Yes, the famous 1:1 recognition used so that these time it seems we have a sword in his hand. After Twilight Princess', it is obvious that this aspect needed to improve and has been, since its presentation at E3 2010, the technical novelty of the game.

The increased detection of our movements also involve need to squeeze us in carrying out fighting, that we are more precise and to seek weaknesses. For those who need no such difficulty, the possibility of pressing the point Z and forget.

The other novelty is the game famous flying insect that managed remotely Link and will allow access to areas that our hero would not have access otherwise. His control will like planes 'Wii Sports Resort'. Also, flying birds that allow us to go between the islands of Hyrule aerial part of the game (and mini), adding another touch Zelda flying to the clouds will always reference.

'Skyward Sword': official release date, trailer and screenshots of the new Zelda

'Skyward Sword' to be released in just over two months, next November 18, If no last-minute setback. In the last E3 Nintendo made three different areas to test the game for maximum time of 10 minutes per shift.

The conclusions of those who have tested negative stand only a small problem with the camera turns. Since then, there have been more likely to see it in action, as in the famous gameplay video of the last San Diego Comic Con

For now, the trailer makes it quite clear to him that will involve 'Skyward Sword' for Wii, one of the last great games that fit the console before giving way to his expected successor, Wii U.

By needing to use Motion Plus 'Skyward Sword' will have an edition which will come with the peripheral but also for those who already have it be another simple. In both, in principle, is scheduled to include a CD with music from the saga, for the first time in its history comes in its orchestral version and not midi.

However, that control of the special edition gold is too attractive to pass up. Do you not want to have a slug like Zelda?

Still have to wait two months, but 'The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword' should be one of the indispensable in your 2011 calendar.

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LA Noire Trailer by Rockstar Games

A few days ago we talked again LA Noire, a video game developed by Team Bondi and produced by Rockstar Games, on the release date and trailer of the videogame product .This movie had it been released a few days ago, the network is not officially from the company production and users interested in the game were able to see more information regarding the new game so much since our continent will be available beginning next 20 June. But this time it is a Video Journal.

After the signs of the production of the game video trailer for LA Noire was removed from YouTube, but now it was the software company's games to making the movie that features some of the most interesting scenes of the video game coming in a few months.

Through the new video trailer for LA Noire, we can see in detail all the power of the graphics of the new game, which actually seems very high and no doubt, be able to be appreciated by gamers who are waiting impatiently for the gaming software for some time.

 It is indeed a very exciting trailer for LA Noire , which testifies to all the effects work done by the long house development of games, a job that has led to very high graphic detail, as you can see directly in the video.

So now there is nothing left to do but wait for the ' out of the game and, of course, other information on LA Noire, which surely will come in the next few weeks.

Adventure Games: LA Noire Is Shown In A Video In Italian

Let's go back to talk about adventure games with LA Noire , which is displayed in a new video in Italian, to the delight of the fans who are waiting for a long time, the new video game that is finally on the home straight of arrival. Although there is still some months before you can get your hands on this new and highly anticipated video game product, the desire to play is really great. And the expectation towards this new game is really good. As you know, it's a game that is a true adventure game in which we are grappling with the mysteries to be solved.

The player's goal will be to reach the end of the story trying to untangle all the knots and finding a solution to all the doubts and problems we encounter in our path to the game .We must use our intelligence and our ability to complete all the way which separates us from the truth.

LA Noire was recently shown in a new video trailer released by Rockstar Games .But this time things change, since it is a movie of the game in Italian. So we can enjoy the pictures while listening to the presentation of the new video game, which surely is gaming software that many people will wait.

Regarding the release date for LA Noire, the latest talk about the publication of the adventure game on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 scheduled for June 20.We must then wait another week, but we will do this and more for one of the most anticipated games of 2011 !

Adventure Games: LA Noire Will Be For All Players

Let's go back to talk about adventure games, it seems that LA Noire will be a game suitable for all players. The announcement comes from the company production of the game, which must specify the intention to create a product video game dedicated to all types of users. In this way thanks to LA Noire anyone can have fun without the adventure gaming of the path becomes too difficult or too easy to carry. The gaming experience, in short, will be suitable for every user who decides to try the software, videogame, due out May 20 for PS3 and Xbox 360 .

LA Noire, which we recently saw a video in Italian , then arrives in a few months. The new information on the part of Rockstar Games' LA Noire tell us about a background story that will not be binding for high-gamers, who will act fairly in the way of free games, thanks to the very system of dialogues well developed in LA Noire , but at the same time also following a strategy and a well-defined plot.

Here's what was said by Team Bondi regarding the possibility of playing in a manner appropriate to each user:

"We are confident that LA Noire will attract all types of gamers with different levels of experience and skills. The aim was not to create a highly difficult for the novice, or a game that seemed too easy for hardcore gamers. The ' skills in questioning the player can be rewarding in several ways: a new clue may emerge, a shortcut to the resolution of the case could jump out, or perhaps it would disclose details of the story of a character."
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